In all our production and service processes we ensure to keep the pollution of air, soil, and water as low as possible. Expended energy and raw materials are used carefully and wisely. The Jaeger Group is certified for environmental management according to the ISO standard 14001.

With innovative ideas we, the Jaeger Mare Solutions GmbH and our sister company Jaeger Umwelttechnik GmbH contribute to clean water and plastic-free world oceans. Likewise, we assume social responsibility for our employees and ensure a safe and healthy work environment.

Our thinking overarches company and thus we provide competition advantages for our partners and our company. The continuous optimisation of the service creation process is our goal.

For this reason we are in constant dialogue with our customers, because this is the only way to realise agreements in a time-saving manner and particularly effectively.


The Jaeger Mare Solutions GmbH is the youngest member of a successful and over 75 year-old group of companies. The Jaeger Group is successfully managed in third generation by the Jäger family. Grown from the previously regional Arnold Jäger Gummiwaren to today’s world-wide present Arnold Jäger Holding GmbH, over ten specialised individual companies and over 900 employees are employed in the family business. Our traditions have grown, too. Innovation is of one of them!

With the Jaeger Mare Solutions GmbH spin-off company, another specialist from the Jaeger Group was founded in 2018. We deliver the offshore wind energies, the maritime economy, and the environmental and marine technology with resource and environmentally friendly solutions for the maritime domain.

Having started out as an innovative start-up within the traditional group of companies, the Jaeger Mare Solutions GmbH uses its individual flexibility while incorporating the know-how of the entire group.

Thanks to this group we can fall back on the engineering expertise of a complete product and process development department with over 40 years of experience in aerator technology, our internal laboratory, and diverse production sites. We work particularly closely with our colleagues from Jäger Umwelttechnik GmbH on the development and testing of new products.

Arnold Jäger